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The new landscape of agriculture, light and complementation in Xiaoshan village, Qinghai

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Qinghai province is located in the southeast of the town of Tongren County Xiang Bao Tower Village, is the famous "Regong Art" birthplace. It belongs to the transition zone between the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau. The annual sunshine duration is long, the precipitation is low, the crop yield is not high, and the villagers' income is low. Recently, with Run Hongyu and colleagues 10 thousand kilowatts of photovoltaic power stations put into operation, the network marks the birth of the first light complementary industries in Qinghai Province Park, for the small mountain village has brought a new atmosphere.

At the end of August, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is still hot. As hot as the sun, and the energy of the workers in the photovoltaic greenhouse.

"A few months ago, it was still a desolate place, and there was no one in sight for a few miles. Look, there is a thriving scene everywhere.". "Qinghai run agriculture and livestock husbandry technology development Co., Ltd. Wang Quanming, deputy general manager of the development prospects of photovoltaic greenhouses full of confidence.

There are 138 solar energy greenhouses in the light complementary industrial park. The project started construction in August last year, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, covering an area of more than 600 mu, and installed capacity of 10 thousand kilowatts. As the project is located in remote areas, there is a lack of fully matched electrical facilities. The yellow power company from the beginning of the project to receive open Easy Access, set up a special working group, the initiative into the project, from the aspects of policy advocacy, technical consulting, business acceptance, simplify the process and network acceptance and commissioning, to provide one-stop service for customers. In addition, in order to shorten the construction time, the company also deployed professional and technical personnel throughout the provision of intimate services, coordination to solve construction problems.

Wang Quanming introduced, photovoltaic greenhouse not only solve the warming and insulation problems, but also for green agriculture, energy-saving emission reduction provides a good solution. The annual electricity output in each greenhouse will be about 86 thousand kwh, no pollution and zero emission, and it can also reduce the plant diseases and insect pests, and ensure the production of green and pollution-free agricultural products.

"Solar greenhouse not only clean, environmental protection, and high income.". "Wang Quanming calculations, Qinghai area average annual sunshine time is about 1884.42 hours, according to the full load operation, all in the annual generating capacity will reach 13 million 654 thousand and 400 kwh; acquisition of power is calculated according to the price of 0.95 yuan, is expected annual output value of 15 million yuan. Plus the economic crop yields, an acre of land a year of agricultural output can reach 5000 yuan.

Looking at a piece of photovoltaic panel set up in the village of tower Township, security town Party Secretary Chen Yunzhang said: "with the blue plate, the villagers annual dividend of 3000 yuan, can also go to the photovoltaic power plant work, then there is no need to go out. "

At present, more than 600 acres of rural photovoltaic power station tower village has 319 thousand yuan per year fixed land revenue, photovoltaic greenhouse project will be completed after the village will absorb more than 1000 labor force, to bring the villagers together to become rich.

"Well now, you can work in front of your house without going far away. The days are over and the more prosperous.". "Talking about the changes brought about by the photovoltaic greenhouse, the Tibetan uncle who lives in the security tower of the town has a deep feeling.

Chen Yunzhang told us that, in the future, the security tower will be built in the town of plateau features modern photovoltaic agriculture demonstration park, to create a set of industrial, agricultural, industrial research, production, sale, as one of the national demonstration park. Agriculture and PV "marriage", establish a new model of greenhouse vegetables, roof power generation. Security town has photovoltaic power generation industry, this "living signs", you can play complementary advantages of agriculture and light, to speed up the development of modern agriculture, and then to the rural leisure tourism into the realization of agricultural strong town dream.

Original title: small villages of agriculture and light complementary new weather