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Nanjing will build environmental protection "the strongest brain" environmental monitoring and emergency response center

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Reporters learned yesterday from the Nanjing environmental protection department, Nanjing environmental protection for the "most powerful brain" environmental monitoring and emergency response center is about to start building. Approved by the construction department approved the construction, the address is in the southern Hexi District near the Qing Park in Hexi New District Southern 9-12 plots, is expected to be completed by the end of next year as soon as possible.

A few years ago, Nanjing has been planning the construction of Nanjing environmental monitoring and emergency center, intends to Nanjing's environmental quality monitoring, pollution monitoring, supervision and early warning, information dissemination, monitoring and supervision, nuclear and radiation monitoring of vehicle exhaust pollution in one, formed five center as one of the platform. Fortunately, the "strongest brain" that should have been used has not been built in the west. Recently, the Nanjing environmental monitoring and emergency response center was finally approved by the project approval department.

The environmental protection department of the relevant responsible person said, at present, Nanjing environmental management institutions scattered layout, like monitoring station laboratories located at Caochangmen field near the entrance, and the management of the city's environmental law enforcement inspection team in hexi.

According to the plan, in the future, this pattern of chaos will be integrated into one. All Nanjing environmental management agencies will all be concentrated in the new center southwest of the river. The total floor area of the central planning is 47572 square meters, of which the ground area is 33401 square meters, and the underground area is 14166 square meters. The construction of the tower building, for environmental protection professional buildings, publicity information center, Cloud Computing Center, monitoring Corps, laboratory room; a podium for business, hall, exhibition area, command center, pipe center; basement garage and equipment room, air defense facilities etc..

Original title: Hexi South Nanjing environmental protection will build the strongest brain"