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Chairman's speec

Respected new and old customers at home and abroad, Tongren friends:

Hello everyone!

On behalf of all the staff of the company and in my own name, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the new and old customers at home and abroad and friends from all over the world! To the long-term care, support, China, Switzerland, the growth and development of provinces, municipalities, counties leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, my colleagues pay high tribute!

Sino Swiss power was born in Wenzhou this magical fertile soil, in the spring breeze of reform and opening to the outside world, thrive and develop rapidly. Over the  years, the Swiss in the property system, management mechanism, technology and quality, marketing mode, mode of operation, the enterprise party building, corporate culture, continuous innovation, system innovation, and achieved remarkable results. Today, the Swiss national enterprises as one ship, traveling ride the wind and waves in the market economy, a vast expanse of water.

Today, the international situation change unpredictably, the surging tide of the market economy. China and Switzerland will firmly grasp the enterprise development strategy, adhere to the "one industry oriented, pluralistic development", and strive to build an international advanced manufacturing base of electrical industry, and create a new world for the integration of China and Switzerland into the development of economic globalization.

In this regard, we sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will continue to care for China and Switzerland, support China and Switzerland, join hands and work together to create a brighter tomorrow for China and switzerland!

Chairman of Zhongrui power: