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Liaoning to promote the process of soil pollution control, soil environmental regulation into normalization

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Liaoning is a famous old industrial base in China, especially the base of heavy chemical industry and raw material industry, and has a long history of industrial production. It is known as "the oldest son of Chinese industry". For a long time, while Liaoning has made outstanding contributions to China's economic development, it has left a variety of serious pollution problems. Among them, the remediation of industrial contaminated sites is one of the key environmental problems that need to be solved urgently.

In recent years, Liaoning has carried out a great deal of work on industrial site pollution restoration, and achieved remarkable results.

Case 1: Tiexi district "scraping therapy""

In the treatment and restoration of contaminated sites, Liaoning is the oldest and most successful. If Liaoning's industrial pollution remediation began in Shenyang, then Shenyang began in Tiexi district.

Tiexi District, which once had the reputation of "Ruhr" in China, was an old industrial base built in the "15" and "25" periods of the country, and later became a famous serious pollution area. In 2003, Shenyang to seize the national implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the northeast old industrial base, generous operation to Shenyang Development Zone and the old West District merged into the New District of Tiexi, namely the use of land to the old iron industrial enterprises relocated to West Development Zone; new service industry will implant the old district of Tiexi, to become a modern the service industry focus area.

In early August 2000, is located in Shenyang District of Tiexi City, known as "China's nonferrous metal industry known as" the cradle of Shenyang smelter, due to serious pollution problems cannot be solved by bankruptcy, China is by far the largest state-owned enterprises were closed due to pollution. At the same time, the pollution site restoration project was started. By 2006, a total investment of 120 million yuan was made, and the control and restoration work of the 300 thousand square meters of contaminated sites was completed. This is not only the earliest repair project for polluting sites after the closure of enterprises in China, but also the largest area of pollution repair in the country at that time.

Subsequently, the Tiexi district has launched the Shenyang battery factory pollution field treatment project; and then, Shenyang heavy machinery manufacturing plant contaminated sites governance. At that time, taking "scraping cure poison" governance, will be toxic soil pollution plots dug, by qualified units responsible for the removal and disposal of safe disposal, with new soil backfill. This experience has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of environmental protection and has become a model for the relocation of polluting enterprises and the environmental problems left behind in bankruptcy".

Moreover, Liaoning province also on contaminated land has decades of history "of sewage irrigation in Shen Fu irrigation ditch" of governance, effective solution to the petroleum compounds the problem of soil pollution, to explore a new way of governance for rural land pollution. In addition, Shenyang has turned cadmium pollution into an economic development zone, a successful example of reuse of contaminated sites.

Case two: Shen, pharmaceutical investment management

The global environment fund "Chinese contaminated site management project" in China is the government to fulfill the "framework" Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants, the international project grants the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Finance and the world bank development cooperation. So far, Liaoning and Chongqing have been included in the demonstration provinces of the project. Among them, Liaoning has selected "Shenyang chemical Limited by Share Ltd relocation site" and "Northeast Pharmaceutical Group relocation site" as a demonstration project. Last year, the international cooperation center of the Ministry of environmental protection signed an agreement on the implementation of the project with Liaoning Province in Shenyang. Shen and pharmaceutical respectively in Liaoning is an important chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical production enterprises, the demonstration project of two plots, all located in the Tiexi District of the old city.

According to the relevant personnel of Liaoning province remediation project office, and the preferred pharmaceutical Shen two plots, because it is in the recent implementation of the relocation, and have the urgent development needs. Two in 50s and 60s of last century, produced DDT and other products, is a persistent organic pollutants. This is a kind of long-term residual, bioaccumulative, semi volatile and high toxicity, and through various environmental media (air, water, biological etc.) for long distance migration, there are serious harm of organic pollutants in natural or synthetic to human health and the environment. At present, the Liaoning provincial Environmental Protection Agency has investigated the environmental pollution situation of 138 plots, but the number and location of contaminated plots have not yet been announced.

Although Shenyang used to heavy metal contaminated sites by way of incineration and change of soil management and remediation of pollutants, but Shen and pharmaceutical pollution plots are more complex. Although the project signing time limit for 2015 ~2021 years, but according to the progress of the relocation of enterprises and the specific needs of land development, control the management time. Liaoning has the confidence in the provisions of the action "complete" Chinese contaminated site management project "agreement", will also be combined with the actual Liaoning to "zixuandongzuo", real and Shen two projects do pharmaceutical veritable benchmarking, and truly reflects their exemplary significance.

Ten years of soil treatment in Liaoning

Liaoning, as one of the national soil survey pilot provinces, took the lead in carrying out soil survey in the province. Over the years, with the transfer of many polluting enterprises to rural areas, coupled with a large number of rural use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, not only destroyed the living environment of local farmers, but also worried about the safety of agricultural products. Therefore, it is imperative to repair contaminated land in rural areas.

In accordance with the requirements of the state, Liaoning has conducted investigations into industrial pollution sites where the province has been shut down, transferred and intended to be used. It has set the scope and target for the subsequent industrial pollution control.

Liaoning in order to prevent industrial enterprises in the process of shutting down the relocation of "stealing", "stealing" and "non-standard demolition" behavior, formulated the "Liaoning Province industrial enterprises shut down.",