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Photovoltaic greenhouse grows "help mushroom"

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In September 2nd, the Liaocheng municipal Party committee secretary Xu Jingyan and municipal departments responsible people came to the Liaocheng municipal Poverty Alleviation Office investigation discussion, summed up the first half of the city's poverty alleviation work, analyze the situation, find the problem, the research work of next step measures.

Since the first half of this year, Liaocheng city in accordance with the guidance of the party building of poverty alleviation and development base, precise measures and policies and policy integration and responsibility ", closely around the" two poor people don't have to worry about, three security targets, in accordance with the principle of "123456", and take measures to lift, overcome difficulties, and promote the development of poverty alleviation work process. According to statistics, first half of the year, the city's total of 97 thousand and 800 impoverished population driven to achieve income, which resulted in 40 thousand and 200 industrial projects, transfer of employment 26 thousand and 400 people, 21 thousand people to support medical education, social assistance 10 thousand and 200 people, poverty alleviation campaign achievements.

The effort to eliminate the "stumbling block"

Guanxian, Dingyuan Zhai Town, Dingyuan Zhai village, Luan Shengxian, home 3 people, 5.2 acres of land, lover suffering from lumbar disease, third sons suffering from dementia. For the past two years for his father's paralysis cure, spent all his savings, but also owed more than 50 thousand yuan of foreign debt, although the grain can earn 4100 yuan a year, but from the province's net income per capita net income of 3372 yuan is still a big difference. Dingyuan Zhai Zhen in charge of poverty alleviation work deputy mayor Liu Hongshun said: "according to the labor ability or to take care of patients, can not go out to work, temporarily unable to enjoy the national fallback policy group. In conjunction with the efficient photovoltaic Agricultural Industrial Park, the town has implemented a photovoltaic shelter to support the "poor mushroom" way to help rid the world of poverty. "

Guanxian Dingyuan town of efficient photovoltaic agriculture industrial park, 1004 greenhouses on the laying of photovoltaic panels are "capture" solar power, greenhouses, long is "poverty alleviation mushroom."".

Luan Shengxian talked about the way of poverty alleviation was moved, he had no money, not two venues, three no technology, raise mushrooms is "layman", but he did not think of is, these "tiger" by the government and enterprises together to eliminate the.

Mushrooms have no money, the government sends 5000 yuan of special funds per household; if not enough, the government helps the loans. County Poverty Alleviation Office agreement with runtrust, county finance to pay 3 million yuan deposit, Runchang line to "poor households" lent 30 million yuan loans, financial discount. Breeding mushroom solar photovoltaic canopy is provided by the group, the Dingyuan village poor households accounted for 38 photovoltaic greenhouses, free use. The wire frame, wells, installation facilities are government "with" good.

"Force of poverty" let the day have something to look forward Shengxian luan. "A room with an annual output of four or five stubble can pick mushrooms, about 40 thousand pounds. A conservative estimate, can income 32 thousand yuan, 8000 yuan to my own. "Luan Shengxian said with a smile, they planted village poverty" of poor households with "mushroom" set up cooperatives, to buy a car on the market every day, do not worry.

See the results of characteristic poverty alleviation

Liaocheng municipal Poverty Alleviation Office Director Xu Lanling introduction, through the introduction of leading enterprises, coordinating financial support, technical training and other measures to actively promote poverty reduction, poverty alleviation, photovoltaic electricity and other characteristics of tourism poverty alleviation poverty industry development.

The PV of poverty alleviation projects unified package, financing through the fiscal financial platform, has built a large centralized photovoltaic poverty base 43, built distributed photovoltaic roof poverty alleviation projects more than 4000; in order to further promote the photovoltaic full coverage, in August 16th held the whole city photovoltaic project will promote the use of public, start building roof and all kinds of public the construction of photovoltaic power plant facilities for poverty alleviation work.

Free training for rural electricity supplier personnel, give the network tariff subsidies, to poor households Microfinance Support, at present, Liaocheng city has a total of 39 villages and towns to support more than 900 households households electricity supplier business, Dongchangfu, Guanxian and other gourd cultivation Fenpi electricity supplier pilot village 12.

The development of tourism conditions, four area tourism poverty alleviation project planning has been completed; the development of tourism industry in Liaocheng town a total of 16, directly led 2200 people out of poverty, cultivation of Gaotang Jiang Dian Zhen Xi Guo Cun Sha Zhen Huang Xi Cun, Dongchangfu tourism pilot village 10.

Enterprises to go to the countryside, 10000 households donkey, area assault, financial poverty alleviation is the four major characteristics of poverty alleviation in Liaocheng. Since last year, Liaocheng financial investment in poverty alleviation efforts continue to increase, establish and improve the financial poverty alleviation policy system, financial capital and city and county a total of 244 million yuan (including 100 million yuan of municipal) for poverty alleviation loan guarantees and interest subsidies, and leveraging the enlarged 10 times the size of credit, has been on the 82 above scale enterprises issued 170 million yuan loans for poverty alleviation. In the province's first to establish a public welfare, non profit oriented municipal financial poverty alleviation Guarantee Corporation, the financial work of poverty alleviation has made greater strides.

Seize the key link and then force

"All departments at all levels should pay close attention to the 3 key points of increasing income, time and responsibility, stress the key points and refine measures to ensure the successful completion of the annual target.". We will resolutely accomplish the task of increasing poverty and poverty alleviation this year by 150 thousand of the poor. "Xu Jingyan said.

Next, Liaocheng will do a good job in poverty alleviation from the following aspects: to further promote the enterprises to help the poor in the countryside. Encourage more enterprises to participate in the work of poverty alleviation, and actively implement preferential policies to promote enterprises in project support, transfer of employment, cooperation and other aspects of the realization of point to point docking, and effectively achieve "six precision" in place. At the same time, great efforts should be made to develop characteristic breeding industry. Make full use of financial company financing development of special breeding industry, to advance the use of City financial company 5 hundred million, the county finance guarantee, relying on Dong'e gelatin in the new scale of 600 head above a donkey 114, relying on Zixia Agricultural Technology Co Ltd and GFT agricultural group cooperation plan, Ying Zhen Cui Zhuang Cun Xu in the Yellow River along the north area of Gaotang Zhang Yin Jizhen hole village, high tech Zone, the new high standard double intelligent greenhouse 300, investment of 75 million yuan.

Efforts to organize the implementation of the four areas poverty alleviation.